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And the latest (non-routine) changes to the web caching pages were...

10 September 2006

    The site is (mostly) back up after a two week or so hiatus as a result of our (former) hosting provider going out of business without warning. Unfortunately, it meant that we lost our dynamic content. It will take a while before we manage to get equivalent systems running again...

15 August 2005

    Finally fixed a long-standing bug in the forums that had broken the ability for new users to register and post --- problem was likely triggered by a configuration change by my hosting facility.

15 July 2004

    Yes, there have been updates over the past few years, but as expected, mostly removals of links to dead dot-coms.

16 November 2001

    Made posting job openings simpler by moving to a job openings forum. Now employment opportunities can be posted directly.

June 2001

May 2001

    Did some spring cleaning; added a site-wide CSS.

October 2000

    Started a job postings page. Looking to make a change? Start here! Added a show headers tool so that the actual headers produced by a web server can be examined.

August 2000

June 2000

    Introduced the first web-caching.com newsletter.

May 2000

March 2000

February 2000

January 2000

    Revamped the side menu structure into predominantly Industry or Research topics. Added a market analysis page. Linked to the research projects page. Added a links page with a listing of all the non-search referrers to this site.

October 1999

    Updated the publications page with recent and upcoming conferences and workshops that have caching publications. Split Mark Nottingham's tutorial across multiple pages so that it was not such a large file to download at once. Also revised the Peregrine entry to reflect it's commercial status as NetHawk.

August 1999

    A full-site re-vamp, re-checking links, moving to a non-frames format. Added Mark Nottingham's web caching tutorial, moved caching mailing lists to a separate page, and created a first attempt at a new front page. Added site search capability, thanks to FreeFind.

July 1999

    Started redirecting all Rutgers viewers to the commercial site.

June 1999

    Moved all content (except the bibliography) to the commercial site.

February 1999

    Set up a commercial domain name (www.web-caching.com) and started linking to it as the front page for the site.

September 1998

August 1998

July 1998

    Whole site redesigned, adding a couple of fluff pages, and my bibliography page which has been in development for a couple of weeks. Added the Caching News page.

June 1998

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