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This web site has evolved into a central repository of information about web caching. It grew out of my research interests in web caching, namely web prefetching and cache evaluation. As with most successful projects, this web site is built on the shoulders of giants who placed their links of useful web caching resources online. In particular, Duane Wessel's mammoth work on producing the Information Resource Caching FAQ served as a strong starting point.

There are a number of topics that I would like to add, including proxy cache evaluation, caching research projects, and of course, links to more resources on the web. Additionally, I continue to value the suggestions, comments, and contributions of others to correct and add valuable information to these pages. Past contributors have included:

    Pamela Maloney (Eolian)
    Eric Stern (Packetstorm)
    Kelly Herrell (CacheFlow)
    Pei Cao (U. of Wisconsin)
    John Holland (Mirror Image)
    Gideon Glass (Cobalt Networks)
    Dejan Petkovic (Univ. of Belgrade)
    Padu Nellayappan (Inktomi)
    Tom McCafferty (CacheFlow)
    Delphine Girard (Infolibria)

When linking to these pages, please link to the main page: http://www.web-caching.com/ as the links inside may change from time to time.

I am a faculty member of the Computer Science and Engineering department at Lehigh University. As a result, I am busy with many projects, but would enjoy discussing potential research opportunities.

--- Brian D. Davison  

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